Replica Air-King Cheap Blue Arabic Rolex 114234

Replica Air-King Cheap Blue Arabic Rolex 114234

Air-King replica watch is a watch that is often forgotten in sports models. But now, it has become the pilot’s preferred aviation watch. This kind of fake Rolex watch has a long history and can be said to be one of Rolex’s oldest series. This watch series has launched many different models so far. Today I mainly introduce the Blue Arabic Replica Rolex watch Air-King 114234. This watch is loved by many people. Next, I will introduce the replica Rolex watch from three points.

Blue cloned dial

Cheap Replica Blue Arabic Rolex Air-King 114234 dial

Dark blue is the classic color of this fake watch. It is a watch that full of dreamy colors, but also fresh and elegant. This dark blue dial has orange Arabic numerals. The design of this scale makes it easier to read. The silver hands are particularly prominent on the dial, as if we can know what time is now as long as we look at the watch. Not only that, on the whole, the colors of the hands and the bracelet echo each other, presenting an unusual beauty.

Silver Case

Cheap Replica Blue Arabic Rolex Air-King 114234 Case

The design of this replica watch is similar to other watch cases, with a silver design. But the case of this watch is smaller, only 34mm. Although the size of the case is small, the case is actually very thick and the overall appearance is slightly bulky. However, because the bezel is very narrow, it appears that the dial will look slightly larger. The groove design of the bezel is specially polished, which adds a sense of correction to this special Air-King imitation watch. Therefore, in general, this perfect watch imitation is actually suitable for ladies or men.

Movement and Bracelet

Cheap Replica Blue Arabic Rolex Air-King 114234

The movement of the Rolex Air-King replica is an automatic movement from Asia. I have to admit that there is a difference between this movement and Rolex’s movement, but this automatic movement can also guarantee accurate timing. Many people may have doubts about this product, but we must realize that this is a replica Rolex watch. It can achieve such similarity is already very high at an affordable price. How can we ask for more?

Cheap Replica Blue Arabic Rolex Air-King 114234

The bracelet of this watch replica is simple in design and forged from stainless steel. This kind of bracelet is resistant to corrosion and friction. It can better guarantee the integrity of the watch.

The design of this Air-King fake watch Rolex is not as complicated as other watches. This designed product can only be used to read the time, not including the date, week, speed, etc. If you just want a simple watch or a watch that can match clothes, you can consider this one. Of course, if you like blue friends, this replica Rolex Air-King watch is also very good.