• 3 Days No Reason Returns And Exchanges

Customer Reason. Within 3 days of receiving the package, you may choose to return or exchange the product without any reason due to customer reasons (bought the wrong watch or suddenly didn’t like it). If you choose to return the product within 3 days without any reason, the shipping cost will be deducted from the refund. If you choose to exchange within 3 days without any reason, the customer can only choose the same watch or the same value and pay the shipping fee again. For both returns and exchanges, the customer must send the package unopened.

Manufacturer’s Reason. When you receive your package and find that we have sent the wrong or faulty watch, please contact us immediately. Then please return the watch to us within three days, along with the accessories. We will send you the order that belongs to you after we receive the returned package. If you choose to return the watch directly to us, we will refund all full amounts to your account.

  • 30 Day Return Or Exchange.

The customer has the option of returning the watch for an exchange service if there is a manufacturer’s problem within 30 days of confirmation of receipt of the watch. First you will have to get in touch with our staff and send back the defective watch. Once we have received the package, we will issue a refund for those who choose to return the watch and arrange delivery for those who choose to exchange.

Regardless of whether you want a 3 day no reason return or a 30 day return or exchange, please be sure to contact our staff first.