fake Breitling watches

One of the most respected watch brands in the world, fake Breitling watches are an unrivalled example of Swiss watchmaking. And it is a watch brand full of rich history beginning with pocket watches in 1884.

If you’re considering a fake Breitling, or you’ve got your heart set on one but unsure which watch is for you, this ultimate guide will take you through the different Breitling collections. I will tell you their features, benefits and differences, hope you can be clear about what you are looking for.

fake Breitling Navitimer

The Breitling Navitimer was first released in 1954 as a dedicated pilots’ watch, is a highly-capable chronograph. Widely considered to be the flagship watch among the various Breitling replica watches, so the Navitimer is a true industry classic. This distinctive Navitimer chronograph with trademark multifunctional slide rule bezel is probably the most successful watch ever produced by Breitling.

Each Breitling Navitimer fake watch boasts a distinct design and have historical ties to the brand’s rich aviation heritage. So they have a retro aesthetic. The Navitimer watches are a classic sports chronographs with a clear open face design, and a circular slide rule on the bezel and dial. Some fake watches from the Navitimer collection feature a second time zone. For example, the GMT world, and the Cosmonaute have 24-hour dial.

Of course, the most worth mentioning is hero piece Navitimer 01 with the combination of original design and Breitling’s technical expertise. The Navitimer is not designed for diving, so its waterproof depth is only 30M. In addition, you can find Navitimer watches from 43MM to 48MM here.

Breitling Colt

fake Breitling Colt

Breitling Colt is the entry-level Breitling watch that everyone is looking for. This Breitling copy watch collection was designed for thrill, action, and achievements. In addition to preferential prices, the Breitling Colt is an impressive model that is functional, durable, and reliable. Breitling equipped the Colt with quartz and automatic movements, all of which have passed the COSC certification. Although knock off Breitling Colt are entry-level watches, they can meet everyone’s expectations of traditional Swiss watch brands. In general, Breitling Colt is a trusted entry-level watch, suitable for those who like to take risks, because of the 200M water resistance.

Breitling Chronomat

fake Breitling Chronomat

Breitling Chronomat was born in 1984 and was design to equip the Freeze Tricolori military aerobatic display team. But now the Chronomat has become an iconic unique collection. It is not only durabl, can withstand the most extreme conditions, but also versatile with a diver’s bezel and a chronograph function. Breitling Chronomat has a chunkier and heavier looking case, can make a deep impression. If you want to have both a pilot watch and a diver watch at the same time, then fake Breitling Chronomat is the best choice. In addition, the watches in this collection have a waterproof depth of 100m to 500m, and a case size of 38mm to 47mm.

Breitling Avenger

fake Breitling Avenger Blackbird

Compared with Chronomat, fake Breitling Avenger features a simpler case design. But it has a waterproof depth of up to 3000M ( Avenger II Seawolf)and ultra-durable constriction. This Breitling watch is ideal for all kinds of adventures. So if you think Chronomat model too expensive, then the Avenger is a better choice. More, the Breitling Avenger has incomparable performance, such as supreme functionality, power, precision. There are 5 different watches in the Avenger collection. Among them, Avenger II and Super Avenger II are pilot watches, while Avenger II GMT, Avenger II Seawolf and Avenger Blackbird are designed for seamen. The most unique Avenger II GMT watches can even display three time zones at the same time.

Breitling SuperOcean

fake Breitling SuperOcean

If Navitimer is the pioneer series of Breitling pilot watches, then SuperOcean is the pioneer series of Breitling seafaring watches. And the replica Breitling Superocean is first created in 1957 in the middle of the dive watch boom. There are still 5 different models in this collection, they are SuperOcean 42, 44, Chronograph, Chronograph Steelfish, and Chronograph M2000. Among them, the 42 is the entry-level watch in SuperOcean collection. The SuperOcean watches are equipped with SuperQuartz movement or automatic movement with COSC certification. These Breitling watches have stunning design and phenomenal levels of water resistance, is a wonderful choice for those who want a replica diving watch.

Breitling SuperOcean Heritage

fake Breitling SuperOcean Heritage

If you’re looking for a watch with a little more retro but still innately sporty, you can find the answer in the Breitling Superocean Heritage collection. You can find 4 models from the the SuperOcean Heritage line, they are 42 and 46, Chronographe 44 and Chronographe 46. The first two Breitling SuperOcean Heritage only include date complication, while the last two watches have more complications with more functionality.

Breitling Galactic

fake Breitling Galactic

The Breitling Galactic collection has watches from 29mm to 41mm. So it’s a watch designed for both men and women and doesn’t require a chronograph function. However, the Galactic is still more of a sports watch than a dress watch. There is a distinctive double-window calendar providing an optimal date display in the dial. When you see this collection, you will find that Breitling allows for multiple interesting combinations of dial colours, metal finishes, straps, and bracelets. Moreover, Breitling Galactic watches have a water resistance of 300M.

Breitling Transocean

fake Breitling Transocean

The Breitling Transocean has a retro but low-key appearance, with a modern way to perfectly interpret the classic design of the middle of the last century. It’s a collection for everyone, as there are a total of 11 different sub-collections within the Transocean. From simple Date & Date to complex chronograph Unitime. The case sizes of fake Breitling Transocean watches are also very rich, ranging from 38MM to 46MM.

There you have it the eight Breitling collections where you can choose from. Hopefully, this ultimate guide has helped you a lot in choosing the best Breitling watch that suits you the most.